LaVision's 2nd generation of optical spark plug sensor is now available and ready for demonstration on-site.

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2007

New spark plug sensor available
LaVision has continuously improved the optical spark plug sensor for the development and optimization of new engine concepts and combustion processes. It replaces the standard spark plug so no modification to the engine is required. The spark plug sensor provides real-time and crank angle resolved fuel and exhaust gas concentration measurements over the entire engine cycle and over hundreds of cycles in succession.

The new 2nd generation allows simultaneous measurements of fuel and exhaust gas concentration at the same location in the engine or at different locations. The sensor electronics and software platform have been consequently improved. The whole software is based on standard Windows operation system.

LaVision also offers an M5 probe to measure fuel and exhaust gas at different locations in the engine apart from the spark plug. The M5 probe design is consistent with common pressure probes widely used in engine management being at our customers immediate disposal. With the small M5 probe more versatile measurements in HCCI and diesel engines are possible.



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