LaVision presented new innovations on the 37th International Symposium on Combustion in Dublin

Freitag, 10. August 2018

LaVision enjoyed great feedback presenting recent product highlights on the 37th International Symposium on Combustion in Dublin

Tomographic LIF imaging in flames: Our FlameMaster 3D-LIF imaging systems support instantaneous 3D-LIF imaging of OH in flames for turbulent combustion analysis. Multiple intensified cameras with image doublers are used for the tomographic reconstruction of the 3D-LIF signal. High-speed 3D-LIF imaging to investigate auto-ignition processes was presented in the talk 2E16 of Pareja et al.

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Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) is a simple and cost-effective imaging method for flow visualization of gas motion, mixing processes, and thermal flows. LaVision’s Tomographic BOS imaging systems measure absolute 3D gas density and temperature distributions of flames in front of a background pattern.

“3D Reconstruction of combustion flows by synchronized multicamera BOS“ was presented at the poster 1P046.

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Stray light free laser imaging: Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging (SLIPI) is well known for effective stray light suppression. The recently developed 1-phase (1p) SLIPI method enables instantaneous stray light free LIF and Rayleigh imaging even close to surfaces.

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High-speed intensifier with ultra-fast shutter: The modular design of LaVision‘s high-speed intensifier (IRO) adds maximum sensitivity to a wide range of camera models. The HighSpeed IRO is available with a single-stage amplifier (MCP) and as a 2-stage system (MCP with booster) optimized for measurements at highest frame rates.

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Endoscopic imaging: Endoscopic (laser) imaging is commonly used for applications with limited optical access in gas turbines, IC-engines and industrial furnaces. LaVision provides a variety of endoscopes for visible and UV light applications such as PIV, LIF and flame emission. Endoscopes are available for cameras and lasers.

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