Engine Optimization and Emission Reduction

Internal combustion engines will remain an important factor in future mobility. Further engine optimization and emission reduction is key to meet ever more stringent regulations and emission targets.

LaVision offers intelligent imaging solutions and optical sensors for engine efficiency and performance improvements, combustion optimization and emission control developments.

Engine Optimization and
Emission Applications
  • Fuel mixture preparation inside IC engines: lambda-value, EGR-rate,
    charge cooling
  • Combustion behavior: stability, ignition, flame propagation and soot
  • Improved RDE behavior: dynamic load changes, cold start conditions
  • Emissions control: particulates, NOx reduction, improved fuel efficiency

Access to production type engines and components is achieved by endoscope optics (using minimum invasive key-hole technology), tailored to the specific requirements of engine test bed environment. All systems are fully synchronized and phase-locked to the engine’s crank angle.

System Features
  • Quantified optical measurement directly inside the cylinder or exhaust system
  • Crank-angle resolved ultra-fast response times
  • Pressure sealed and temperature safe optics
  • Large variety of mechanical designs

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