4-camera Tomo-PIV setup

FlowMaster Tomographic PIV

FlowMaster Tomographic (Tomo) PIV is an extension of the FlowMaster Stereo-PIV concept and enables the instantaneous measurement of all three velocity components in a complete 3D measurement volume (3D3C).
FlowMaster Tomo-PIV systems use the same laser and camera equipment as in planar PIV setups, i. e. a direct migration from 2D- or Stereo-PIV to Tomo-PIV is straightforward best adding one or two cameras.

Tomo-PIV is based on the principle of tomographic reconstruction of voxel intensities in a volume (MART) that is well known from Computed Tomography (CT) in medical imaging. For accurate voxel reconstruction all cameras must be mapped in space into the same coordinate system with an accuracy of better than 0.1 pixel. This highly accurate camera calibration is realized using our patented Volume Self-Calibration method in DaVis.

Finally 3D-velocity vector maps from two 3D particle images are computed applying an iterative three-dimensional cross-correlation technique using deformed interrogation volumes.

Camera calibration with a two plane calibration target and Volume Self-Calibration
Propeller induced 3D flow field

For time-resolved Tomo-PIV measurements a time-marching Sequential Motion Tracking Enhancement (SMTE) reconstruction algorithm is used featuring a better reconstruction quality with higher possible seeding density and spatial resolution.

FlowMaster Tomo-PIV
System Features
  • Instantaneous 3D3C velocity imaging in a complete volume
  • Time-resolved Tomo-PIV for 4D flow analysis
  • Hgh reconstruction accuracy at topmost seeding densities
  • Easy calibration, patented Volume Self-Calibration
  • Fast preview mode
  • Straight forward upgrade from Stereo-PIV systems
Time-resolved Tomo-PIV measurements in water
2-camera Tomo-PIV setup
Time-resolved 3D turbulent
flow field of a swirling jet flow
courtesy TU-Delft
Time-resolved Tomo-PIV measurements in air
Time-resolved Tomo-PIV measurements in the wake flow of a locust flying in a wind tunnel at a wind speed of 3.3 m/s.


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