Device Control Unit 11

Measurements based on Digital Image Correlation (DIC) require accurate and synchronized data and image acquisition. The Device Control Unit (DCU) 11 is the central controller for every StrainMaster system from LaVision. It is responsible for the camera synchronization and takes over the communication with the other peripherals. For this purpose, it is equipped with all the connections necessary for the operation of a 2D or stereo camera system, including three channels for the acquisition of analog data from a connected test device and the voltage supply for two StrainMaster LED line lights. The DCU 11 can be used as a desktop device and has a built-in Windows 10-compatible PC with DaVis software installed.

  • Supports two (optionally four) Imager M-lite or Imager CS cameras
  • Camera recording frequency changeable with external trigger during image acquisition
  • Integrated Windows 10-compatible PC
  • Portable or stationary operation
  • 5 V/ 24V trigger in/out signal (start recording sequence, sync)
  • Integrated AD-converter for logging of load and extension data
  • External start triggers for recording sequence or individual image acquisition
  • Fully supported by DaVis