Description File Size 19700101Date
Adaptive PIV Download 16308671.6 MB 1624456151Jun-2021
Automotive imaging Download 72696586.9 MB 1619432575Apr-2021
Automotive spray inspection Download 17210041.6 MB 1686562435Jun-2023
DaVis 11 Download 15564441.5 MB 1674802313Jan-2023
Fuel spray inspection Download 15341081.5 MB 1686562364Jun-2023
Glass-SFR inspex system Download 818830799.6 kB 1683876829May-2023
High temperature testing Download 29006542.8 MB 1667993266Nov-2022
Laser timing stabilizer Download 14926831.4 MB 1662618846Sep-2022
LIF image processing software Download 13741791.3 MB 1599562269Sep-2020
Make air flows visible Download 17002861.6 MB 1686914192Jun-2023
Measurements in sports testing Download 26382172.5 MB 1658740628Jul-2022
Multi-pass Shake-the-Box Download 11862981.1 MB 1648616676Mar-2022
Online particle monitoring Download 15029951.4 MB 1663854660Sep-2022
Paint & coating spray characterization Download 35369803.4 MB 1678875830Mar-2023
ParticleMaster inspex system Download 926406904.7 kB 1695032921Sep-2023
Photogenic patterning Download 11266951.1 MB 1642675894Jan-2022
PTV-LPT uncertainty quantification Download 20885492.0 MB 1662628314Sep-2022
Python® package lvreader Download 20589222.0 MB 1682669906Apr-2023
Spray and droplet inspection Download 11540061.1 MB 1591708710Jun-2020
SprayMaster inspex - home care and beauty sprays Download 15978701.5 MB 1646200618Mar-2022
SprayMaster QC software Download 14824751.4 MB 1633671505Oct-2021
Thermographic PIV package changes in DaVis 10.1.1 Download 763129745.2 kB 1611319454Jan-2021
FlowMaster 2 camera Tomo-PIV Download 41810954.0 MB 1491285388Apr-2017
Fluid-Structure Interaction Download 14950851.4 MB 1491287437Apr-2017
Helium-filled soap bubble generator Download 11897641.1 MB 1562852723Jul-2019
ICOS CNG system Download 13805481.3 MB 1505290160Sep-2017
ICOS-Temperature system Download 21721442.1 MB 1509976086Nov-2017
MiniShaker Download 12248271.2 MB 1643713678Feb-2022
ParticleMaster software Download 17220731.6 MB 1491287800Apr-2017
ParticleMaster system Download 12744841.2 MB 1491287841Apr-2017
PIV uncertainty Download 12164011.2 MB 1528184145Jun-2018
Pressure from PIV Download 457248446.5 kB 1497247359Jun-2017
Self-Calibration Download 15144041.4 MB 1491288194Apr-2017
Shake-the-Box Download 26872682.6 MB 1491288242Apr-2017
SprayMaster Geometry Download 19788051.9 MB 1491288383Apr-2017
StrainMaster Digital Volume Correlation Download 27348102.6 MB 1504593622Sep-2017
StrainMaster Full field strain measurement Download 13811221.3 MB 1669116694Nov-2022
StrainMaster Portable - new mechanics Download 1002714979.2 kB 1669120358Nov-2022
Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging Download 17213451.6 MB 1533626772Aug-2018