Successful attendance at the International Symposium on PIV in Munich

Friday, 26. July 2019

LaVision presented latest developments and products for applications in the field of Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Induced Fluorescence

The visitor of the ISPIV2019 conference could convince themselves of the measurement options accessible with LaVision‘s LED-Flashlights 300 blue and white. Both are easy to set up and safe to operate. The new high-power blue LED is ideal for volumetric flow measurement with fluorescent tracers allowing suppression of background stray light with appropriate filters. In the live demonstration LaVision’s 3D camera MiniShaker recorded a 2-phase flow. LaVision thanks all visitors for their lively interest in our exhibits and in our talks about time-resolved and multi-pulse Shake-the-Box, Fine Scale Reconstruction and volumetric microscopic flow measurement by Tomographic PIV and Shake-the-Box. Our particular thanks go to the organizers for their commitment for a successful conference and for the open online access to the conference proceedings via the conference website



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