LaVision presented its new technology for residue-free airflow visualization during the Cleanroom Forum in Johannesburg

Friday, 3. November 2023

The event took place from November, 1st-2nd in Johannesburg South Africa.

Following the great success of last year's event, the Cleanroom Forum again took place in 2023. The meeting aims to bring cleanroom users- and experts together to exchange information on best practices in contamination control, cleanroom disinfection and cleaning, and environmental monitoring.

Common methods for visualizing air flows in cleanrooms and similar production environments often cause the problem of residues, as substances containing particles such as smoke are typically used.

In a presentation, LaVision was happy to introduce its new technology “Smokeless Smoke Testing” to visualize air flows using a neutral gas instead of smoke, avoiding such residuals. This opens up new application opportunities, like in-production air-flow testing and shorter production downtime.

The participation was rounded off with an exhibition at which the latest FlowBOS camera, specially designed for cleanroom environments, was presented.

Please visit our website here to learn more about this new technology.



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