Programmable Timing Unit PTU X

LaVision’s universal synchronizer and timing unit PTU X is the hub of all intelligent imaging systems. It generates precise trigger pulses for cameras, lasers and other external devices under the control of DaVis. Low-speed and high-speed camera systems can be triggered from the same PTU X just by switching among internally stored optimized firmware. The PTU X is available as a PCI board or as a stand alone USB device.

  • Full integrated device trigger generation in DaVis
  • Operation of different camera models in the same multi-camera setup
  • Accurate and reliable synchronization of low and high speed cameras
  • Highly accurate timing (0.05 ns jitter) on multiple outputs
  • Advanced timing schemes via programmable parameter recording
    (e.g. PIV-dt scans), hypersampling and phase scans
  • Ideal for multi-parameter laser imaging