DaVis is LaVision's integrated image acquisition and processing software providing a platform for a wide application range from fundamental scientific research to 24/7 industrial applications.

Following our successful strategy of a multi-parameter imaging platform, it offers flexible and scalable hardware support, which allows best seamless user experience.

DaVis includes LaVision’s most innovative algorithms for high-precision measurements of 4D flow fields, 3D surfaces, combustion processes, mixing and sprays. High-speed cameras add the time domain as the 4th dimension to the 3 dimensions of volumetric imaging. As an integrated solution DaVis guarantees full control of your hardware.

Upgrade your PIV software to DaVis 11 now!

DaVis 11 gives you access to our latest software to control your PIV system. Gain from LaVision's latest software developments for 2D-PIV and Stereo-PIV and the best-rated 4D-PTV algorithm Shake-the-Box for volumetric flow field analysis.

Enjoy best performance, unsurpassed calibration precision, highest reliability and a future-proof software concept existing since more than 30 years! Participate to latest improvements and receive a free life-time support for your DaVis 11 software license.

DaVis 11 includes outstanding new features such as high dynamic resolution (HDR) PIV, new AI-assisted live calibration routines driving calibration efforts to a minimum, and intuitive distributed processing routines helping to reduce your time spent for data processing.

If you have existing hardware (lasers, cameras, etc.) we are happy to show you, how to use them with DaVis. We are supporting a large variety of cameras and lasers for low-speed and high-speed applications.

To learn more about our new software, please feel free to contact us.

Why DaVis?
  • Leading-edge 4D imaging based on innovative algorithms
  • Platform concept for multi-parameter imaging
  • Fully integrated hardware control
  • Designed for successful laser imaging
  • Scientific and industrial applications
  • Customer friendly update and support policy

High Precision PIV

With the leadership in Fluid Dynamics measurement, LaVision takes the responsibility for highest precision and reliability of your PIV and Shake-the-Box (STB) results. With innovations in refining the calibration, tackling the timing jitter and expanding the dynamic range, DaVis serves you to achieve this target.


Distributed Processing

Bundle the computing power of your DaVis-workgroup for free! Or add cost-efficient DaVis workers on Linux and Windows machines to gain even more processing speed to safe your valuable time! And don't miss the DaVis Distributed Processing included in every DaVis, which makes your life easier even in a single-seat installation.


Live Calibration

Camera calibration is a key factor for a successful and precise measurement. DaVis supports you during the calibration procedure with helpful tools, such as AI-assisted Live-Calibration and Scheimpflug tilt and rotation indication.


Integrated Hardware

The deep integration of all hardware is a long tradition of DaVis. An important aim of LaVision was always to provide you a multi-parameter imaging platform for smooth operation of your hardware components from inside DaVis. Staying in the front-line of technology, we continuously add latest model cameras, lasers and more accessories with direct control from DaVis.


Workflow Centered User Interface

Your work is hard enough! DaVis helps you to focus on the tasks by a workflow centered UI design with distinct task-specific areas. Of course, working with DaVis should also be enjoyable, therefore our software team is continuously improving the user experience.


Your Data belongs to You!

Your data are the most precious asset, gained by your hard work. DaVis opens its performance optimized data storage format to you and your colleagues with free tools, such as a free Python plug-in for open data access.


Customer-friendly Update and Support Policy

LaVision believes that our customers should benefit from our constant innovation. We believe that our customer’s success is also our success. Therefore, our latest DaVis software version continues our long-standing philosophy of no cost updates and support. This customer friendly policy ensures that our customers have access to uncompromising support for the lifetime of the system.

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