ICOS Probes

Three different types of probes are available to maintain the optical access to the combustion chamber:

Line-of-sight probe Suitable for any engine condition within the performance
map, especially high loads and high speeds, measures
across the cylinder.
M5 probe Minimal invasive probe fits into standard M5 pressure
transducer bores, a cooled (bigger) version
for gas and high performance engines is available.
Spark plug probe Very convenient access to any production type engine by
replacing the original spark plug by the M12 or
M14-probe, while maintaining the ignition capability.
The spark plug probe is limited to medium IMEP.


Local and cylinder averaged measurements

ICOS probes measure indication parameters at different locations in the cylinder giving insight to the mixture formation process. The line-of-sight probe, located in the engine‘s liner, measures integrated across the cylinder and therefore reveals the average value. In contrast to that, the spark plug probe measures locally at the spark plug location. M5 probes can be used for local measurements at other locations.


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