Educational PIV

LaVision’s Educational PIV system offers educational laboratories the possibility to perform affordable PIV measurements.

This turnkey system provides a perfect and safe way for students to get familiar with the PIV technology and to do measurements on their own or in small groups. The setup is easy to operate and due to the LED based illumination the usage is easy and eye-safe. The system comes with all necessary hardware like camera, LED illumination, sheet generating optics, timing unit, control PC and an experimental water jet setup for straight forward time-resolved measurements. The PIV software module belonging to the system comprises a full 2D PIV license and includes the latest features and algorithmic developments of LaVision’s DaVis software.

The water jet experiment produces steady, pulsed and periodic flow situations. It allows to investigate various flow types and will help students to understand typical flow phenomena.

LED illumination
Imager MX 2M-160 camera
FlowMaster Educational
System Features
  • Time-resolved PIV measurements for fluid mechanics student courses
  • Eye-safe operation with LED illumination – no lasers required
  • Versatile DaVis software module to provide students with latest PIV features and algorithms
  • Complete, simple and easy-to-use setup and experiment

The movie shows a swirl generated with the pump pulsed mode overlaid with PIV vectors and vortices, recorded at 155 Hz.

Product Information