PIV Lasers

LaVision offers state-of-the-art dual cavity Nd:YAG lasers (532 nm) and Nd:YLF lasers (527 nm) for PIV applications. For the different measurement tasks a wide range of output energies up to 400 mJ per pulse are available.

Rates around 15 Hz are used for most liquid and air-based PIV applications. Repetition rates around 50, 100 and 200 Hz are best matched for time-resolved measurements, for instance in water.

Lasers at high repetition rates > 1kHz can provide pulse energies up to 100 mJ and max. repetition rates up to several kHz for air or water applications.

For Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and other related applications, 266 nm or 355 nm output options are available for most of the PIV lasers.

All LaVision lasers undergo a detailed in-house incoming test procedure and every unit is delivered with a dedicated test protocol that proves the main specification of the laser unit.

Our various optics for sheet and volume illumination as well as an articulated arm can easily be attached to the laser heads and offer easy and safe operation of the lasers.