Time-Resolved PIV (TR-PIV)

FlowMaster Time-Resolved (High-Speed) PIV systems measure velocity and acceleration fields and turbulence quantities of transient flow phenomena. Correlated velocity fields are acquired at frame rates up to 100 kHz realized with state-of-the-art high-speed CMOS cameras and high repetition rate lasers. Advanced multi-frame correlation algorithms enable a higher dynamic velocity range and spatial resolution of the velocity field. From correlated velocity data DaVis TR-PIV software extracts flow features in time and space such as:

  • Acceleration fields
  • Time tracks of vortices
  • Space-time correlations
  • Power spectra
  • Time dependence of POD-modes
  • Fluid element tracking
LaVision has long-time experience in determining the most appropriate and cost-effective TR-PIV solution for a wide variety of flow applications. For tailoring the best FlowMaster TR-PIV system we carefully take into account the right choice of seeding particle and, depending on its size, the necessary illumination level and the system’s optimal repetition rate for successful time-resolved PIV measurements.
FlowMaster Time-Resolved PIV
System Features
  • Large selection of state-of-the-art high-speed cameras:
    up to 9 Mpixel resolution and tens of kHz frame rates
  • Single or dual cavity high repetition rate lasers
  • Fully synchronized recording with LaVision’s PTU X timing controller
  • Pyramid correlation for extended dynamic velocity range
  • Time based filter for stray light suppression
  • Enhanced temporal resolution using time-super-sampling
High-speed laser
High-speed CMOS cameras
Time-resolved turbulent flow field

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