Laser Imaging in Sprays

LaVision‘s SprayMaster laser imaging system applies LIF and Mie imaging on pulsed laser light sheets. While the volume dependent LIF signal scales with the droplet mass, the simultaneously excited Mie signal is proportional to the droplet surface. Hence the LIF/Mie image ratio is used for planar global droplet sizing yielding the Sauter Mean Diamter (D32) distribution over the measured spray cross section.
A special 2-color Tracer-LIF technique allows the simultaneous visualization of the liquid and vapor phase of the evaporating spray.

Spray imaging on laser light sheets measured with the SprayMaster system

Phase and Space Scan Imaging of
Periodic Sprays

DaVis supports time resolved 3D spray imaging applying phase scans in combination with light sheet traversing. Such a measurement sequence can be programmed in DaVis and then simply started with a button click.

Combined time (phase) and space scans of a pulsed GDI spray. Shown is the global spray mass distribution

Multiphase Flow Field Imaging in Sprays

PIV imaging is applied to the spray droplets and the surrounding gas (with additional seeding) for multiphase flow field imaging in sprays using LaVision‘s low- and high-speed FlowMaster PIV systems.

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