StrainMaster from LaVision is a state-of-the-art, non-intrusive optical tool for shape, strain and deformation analysis of solid and granular subjects. StrainMaster combines the most advanced digital image correlation (DIC) algorithms with the highest quality of hardware to provide a complete and easy to use instrument for materials analysis. A range of StrainMaster systems are available from portable field work systems to highly specialized lab versions.
LaVision's state-of-the-art digital volume correlation (DVC) software brings new depth to quantitative imaging analysis. DVC is not only capable of identifying defects and cracks before they are visible in the raw image, but is also able to quantify the full volume strain distribution and actual magnitudes of the material displacements surrounding discontinuities.


Photogenic Patterning

A photogenic object is one that consistently provides high quality image characteristics through the production of its own light emission (i.e. luminescence subcategories of fluorescence, phosphorescence, etc.). A photogenic pattern can be applied without the need for a base coat thus minimizing the chance of delamination. In addition it does not suffer from specular reflections from underlying surfaces.


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