RMA Policy

Whenever you want to return material to LaVision GmbH for inspection or repair, you must request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number before sending it back.
Please be aware that if you return material without an RMA number, we reserve the right to reject the material. In order to obtain an RMA number please contact your local dealer or send an email to service@lavision.com. Please provide information on item and serial number of all the devices you want to send including a brief description of the failure.
LaVision GmbH will return an RMA form to you via email. Please cross check and if necessary correct the list of items and your contact details on the RMA form. Sign the form and add it to the shipping documents.
Fix the shipping label clearly visible on your return packaging. The products must be returned with freight pre-paid, in original product boxes and packaged in protective materials. LaVision GmbH will not be responsible for any damage occuring during transit of returning products.
LaVision GmbH will send a receipt to the email address specified on the RMA form as soon as the items have been received. After the inspection of the items LaVision GmbH will send a cost estimate for the repair if this is not free of charge. The repair itself will be carried out after receiving your purchase order.

If your system is no longer covered by a warranty or any part of the warranty has expired, you will need to supply a purchase order according to the LaVision GmbH cost estimate to cover the repair.
If your system is within warranty then any valid repairs will be carried out at no cost to you. We will inspect the items and if in our opinion the warranty has been invalidated in any way, we will inform you of this immediately and of any associated repair costs.

All items repaired by LaVision GmbH are warranted for a period of 90 days. This period applies only to the repaired item whether the system was under warranty or not. Systems repaired under warranty keep the original warranty period or 90 days, which ever is longer.

All systems shipped to LaVision GmbH must be freight prepaid with the RMA number clearly indicated on the shipping label and on the waybill. Shipments which arrive without an RMA number can be refused and returned to the customer at customer‘s expense.

Proper packaging must be used on all return shipments. The customer is liable for any damage incurred in transit to LaVision GmbH and will be charged if new shipping materials are required for the return shipment.

Make sure the product is securely and safely packaged in its original packaging or in similar suitable packaging. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all items are safely and suitable packaged. Items damaged due to inadequate packaging are not covered by warranty.
For shipment of following components please consider:
  • laser: remove cooling water and use original transportation boxes
  • laser arm: use original transportation boxes
  • computer: make sure the PC is free from malware (viruses,Trojans etc.) and remove or specify the password (if required) for the Administrator login
  • electronic items (framegrabber, PTU, etc): use antistatic bags (ESD) and proper boxes for mechanical protection
  • all optical and sensitive components need to be protected from contamination during transit
Add the RMA form including RMA number and relevant information on the items you‘re sending. Clearly specify your contact details (name, shipping address and email address).

Fix the shipping label clearly visible on your return packaging. Make sure that the shipping address and RMA number is plainly visible on the outside of the package you are sending. Any packages without RMA numbers visible on the outside of the package can be refused.

Make sure you have adequate insurance on the product to cover its value before shipping.
We hereby confirm that the above component has been cleaned, that all connectors are closed, that there are no poisonous, aggressive, radioactive or other dangerous substances on or inside the equipment and all accessories have been removed.