LaVision thanks for the ongoing great cooperation in an exciting project with MARIN

Thursday, 12. May 2022

The unique PIV flow measurements at ship scale within the JoRes project of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) has meanwhile a 5 years journey to reflect on.
Courtesy of MARIN

Back in 2020, LaVision reported fruitful collaboration with MARIN on the development of a full-scale stereo PIV unit named FlowPike for use on real ships.

After establishing the viability of the PIV measurement principle at full scale, the design and development of the PIV unit started. Based on previous experience measuring with complex optical devices a robust and as sturdy as possible device was designed to withstand harsh conditions (vibrations, flow forces, salty water). On the other hand the device should be as simple as possible to operate. MARIN led the overall development and performed the design and engineering of all the mechanical parts of the system whilst LaVision performed optical design and deliver the necessary optical and electrical components of the PIV system to create a large (1m wide, 3-4 m long) laser sheet.

Read the interesting reports on the Linkedin channel of the JoRes Joint Research Project, which will be posted there every Wednesday. Or visit the JoRes website to learn more about the project and its creators.

LaVision is pleased to be on board as a partner in this fascinating endeavor.



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