LaVision kicks off the new year with a successful PIV workshop

Tuesday, 30. January 2024

A comprehensive program guided the participants through the three-day course.

In mid-January, our colleagues welcomed the participants of this year's PIV workshop at the University of Manchester, which focused this time on volumetric flow measurements. The three-day workshop was once again a great success, with interesting discussions. We thank all the participants.

Notably, the guest lectures by Dr. Mark Quinn and Dr. Andrea Sciacchitano were a highlight: Dr. Mark Quinn from the University of Manchester introduced our participants to the challenges of successfully applying PIV in industrial environments, and Dr. Andrea Sciacchitano from TU Delft presented his group's innovative approach to large-scale PIV measurements of on-site flows using the Ring-of-Fire concept.

Also, our participants gave valuable feedback on the current suite of state-of-the-art algorithms in DaVis and on the new features presented on the last day of the course. We also presented experimental setups demonstrating the high flexibility of DaVis 11 as a platform for fluid-structure interaction measurements, the additional features for CAD support, and the capabilities of our STB and tomographic reconstruction algorithms in simultaneously measuring the two phases of a bubbly flow.

Many thanks to the team from the University of Manchester, who kindly hosted this meeting!



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