13th Conference Engine Combustion Processes in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Wednesday, 15. March 2017

LaVision exhibits at the Engine Combustion Processes Conference

LaVision like to welcome the participants of the 13th Conference Engine Combustion Processes – Current Problems and Modern Techniques in Ludwigsburg with an exhibition of recent measurement technology for the investigation of IC engine processes, like mixture formation, combustion, soot formation and exhaust aftertreatment.

EngineMaster - quantified in-cylinder videoscopy
The EngineMaster inspex system generates high-quality movies from spray formation and combustion processes through endoscopic access to the combustion chamber. Utilizing intelligent image processing will produce quantified measures like spray geometry, flame temperature and flame propagation speed.

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ICOS - in-cylinder mixture formation and gas temperature
The ICOS system measures the fuel concentration, lambda value, residual gas concentration and gas temperature directly inside the combustion chamber with crank angle resolution. The ICOS probes can be integrated into a spark or glow plug.

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FlameMaster - combustion analysis
The FlameMaster system uses intensified (high-speed) cameras to capture ignition phenomena and flame propagation. Chemiluminescence of OH* and laser induced fluorescence are applied for selective imaging of flame radicals. With tomographic reconstruction flame kernels and the flame structure are captured in 3D.

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SprayMaster - spray plume geometry
The SprayMaster system is designed to quantify the spray plume geometry. This spray imaging technique is applied to investigate and optimize Urea injectors for SCR catalysts and fuel injectors.

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ParticleMaster - droplet characterization
The ParticleMaster system measures the size and velocity of droplets with high-magnification shadow imaging. The atomization of urea for SCR catalysts can be quantified with a minimum of technical effort.

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LaVision was happy to be part of this interesting and successful event taking the chance to discuss your specific requirements and help solving your measurement task with our intelligent imaging and sensor systems.



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