New DaVis 8.4 software version released

Monday, 20. March 2017

LaVision released new software version

LaVision launched the latest software version DaVis 8.4 with a lot of new functions:

  • new ParticleMaster Shadow software improves processing speed, usability and display capabilities


  • conversion of Shake-the-Box particle tracks in the Lagrangian frame to velocity and acceleration data on a grid (Eulerian frame)


  • new PIV uncertainty functions allow uncertainty propagation for statistics and plots, and vector and image statistics over time


  • introducing Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) technique for a simple approach to visualize features in a flow field, like temperature gradients or mixing



Many more changes and improvements are included in the latest software, following our customer’s feedback to improve functionality and usability. If you would like to get more information please contact our sales team.



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