LaVision enjoyed the high positive response to its successful participation in the International Symposium on PIV (ISPIV) in Busan, South Korea

Friday, 30. June 2017

Innovations such as the MiniShaker 3D camera family and the new software package Pressure from PIV attracted many visitors

During the Symposium in Busan, the LaVision team showed many new innovations at its booth.

The MiniShaker family, a novel, compact 4-camera measurement system for Tomographic PIV or Shake-the-Box measurements, attracted the particular attention of the visitors. In combination with the Helium-filled soap bubble generator and the new LED-flasher it is perfectly suited for water as well as wind tunnel applications. Installed on a robot arm, large volumes can easily be measured with the MiniShaker.

LaVision also presented its new DaVis 10 software, which combines the current demands for usability, data handling and visualization with outstanding image processing algorithms. As usual also the new version of DaVis supports a wide range of different camera models and other hardware for various application fields.

With the new module Pressure from PIV time-averaged as well as instantaneous pressure fields from recorded velocity data.can be obtained.

LaVision looks back on a very successful event and would like to thank the organizers for a very well managed symposium.

The team of LaVision also likes to congratulate Dr. Jürgen Kompenhans as the first awardee of the Ronald J. Adrian Prize. In addition, Jan Schneiders et al. from TU-Delft received an award of one of the three best student papers about co-axial volumetric velocimetry used in our MiniShaker S/Aero, and Tobias Jahn et al. from DLR had the other best student paper about 2-pulse Shake-the-Box.



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