LaVision presented new innovations on the 70th Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics of the American Physical Society

Monday, 27. November 2017

LaVision enjoyed great feedback presenting recent product highlights: high power LED Flashlight 300, 3D camera MiniShaker, robot-supported volumetric measurements, Helium-filled soap bubble seeding, and DaVis 10 with Pressure from PIV

The applicability of Shake-the-Box for Lagrangian 4D particle tracking with multi-camera setups is now extended with the MiniShaker 3D camera family. Combined with LaVision’s high-power LED the MiniShaker L is ideal for volumetric water measurements. In live demos, LaVision was pleased to present particle tracks retrieved with Shake-the-Box in DaVis 10. Visitors appreciated how the measurement depth of 15 cm can easily be achieved with this simple to mount camera.

The aerodynamically optimized MiniShaker Aero showcased its flexibility on a robotic arm. The talk by C. Hesseling, D. Michaelis and J. Schneiders addressed its application for complete flow field measurement around the complex model of a full-size mannequin of a cyclist. In combination with a laser fiber for co-axial illumination and Helium-filled Soap Bubble (HFSB) seeding, the MiniShaker Aero Robotic provides an innovative solution for the measurement of large-scale flow structures in complex geometries.

Air-flow seeding with Helium-filled soap bubbles (HFSB) using LaVision’s unique Linear Nozzle Array was demonstrated on site. HFSB pave the way to the measurement of large volumes in air featuring high-intense and uniform scattering and, being neutrally buoyant, excellent response time.

LaVision’s new software DaVis 10 allows not only for the direct retrieval of the pressure information from PIV data. Visitors could check out the new 4D display of particle tracks, hardware support and Shake-the-Box calculations with a modern user interface.



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