EngineMaster inspex: Endoscopic IC-Imaging with Quantitative Analysis

LaVision’s EngineMaster inspex systems provide line-of-sight turnkey imaging solutions for in-cylinder spray and combustion visualization. The systems include all necessary components: high resolution digital color camera with imaging endoscope, endoscopic spray and background contour illumination, engine sealing inserts, synchronization electronics and software for recording and visualization.
In combination with standard pressure indication endoscopic imaging links engine performance and emissions with in-cylinder phenomena such as pre-ignition, wall wetting and soot generation.

  • spray propagation, geometry, wall interaction (wetting)
  • on-set of ignition, misfire, flame propagation
  • in-situ soot formation and soot temperature
System Features
  • direct visualization of complete IC-engine cycles
  • indicated engine parameters: flame speed and flame temperature
  • crank angle synchronized (high-speed) recording
  • high resolution (high-speed) cameras
  • engine adaptation including engine sealing sleeves

Advanced Image Analysis

EngineMaster inspex not only offers in-cylinder visualization. By implementing the powerful processing packages of LaVision’s DaVis software, quantitative information can be extracted from endoscopic images, such as fuel spray geometry data, flame propagation speed and soot temperature.

                Spray geometry                                             Temperature from soot pyrometry                            Flame propagation