Fuel Spray Imaging

LaVisons SprayMaster inspex systems have a long history of supporting R&D on fuel sprays for internal combustion and gas turbine engines. Combined with LaVision's process integration experience this matured technology is moving into online production monitoring and quality control. Particularly automotive fuel sprays have highly specific technical requirements. To meet these requirements LaVision has developed dedicated rugged hardware components as well as efficient imaging processing algorithms to keep up with ever increasing production rates (short takt times/cycles times).

Spray pattern and spray plume imaging of a multi-cone fuel spray
System Features
  • Customized spray pattern and plume geometry analysis
  • On-line quality control and process monitoring
  • Short takt times
  • 24/7 operation
  • Fully automated machine control integration
  • Customized operator interface




  • Gasoline multi-cone spray patternation
  • Diesel multi-cone spray plume geometry analysis
High resolution camera
Industrial light sources for light sheet imaging