LaVision is presenting the latest innovations in optical measurement techniques for the optimization of gas engines on the SAE World Congress Experience in Detroit

Thursday, 12. April 2018

Low-emission methane and CNG engines got the potential to replace Diesel engines in the medium term. LaVision presents a new measurement system for the gas mixture analysis in gas engines.

Engines with gaseous fuels, like methane and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), are specially focused. New engine concepts show the potential of these low-emission engines. In a government founded project the LaVision ICOS-CNG system for crank angle resolved air/fuel-ratio measurements at CNG engines was developed. This is presented in a talk at the conference, together with new methods for planar air/fuel-ratio evaluation by usage of LIF techniques. Both techniques are compared to CFD-simulations.
Here you can find an abstract of this talk.



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