30 years LaVision!
From spin-off to internationally renowned company

Wednesday, 1. May 2019

SAE journal paper about LaVision┬┤s innovative optical measurement technique for gas engine development now online!

Tuesday, 12. March 2019
The latest EngineMaster LIF and ICOS infrared measurement technique for the analysis of mixture processes in low emission methane and CNG engines are presented in this paper.

LaVision's one-day seminars in Aachen and Stuttgart end of February were very well received

Friday, 8. March 2019

The first PIV seminar organized by LaVision UK in Edinburgh was a great success

Monday, 4. February 2019
The 3-day course took place in the Mechanical Engineering department of Edinburgh University.

LaVision presents another member of its MiniShaker camera family

Tuesday, 15. January 2019
The watertight multi-camera system is ideally suited for underwater applications



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