LaVision is finally on tour again!

Wednesday, 6. July 2022

If you are around stop by at our booths and have a look at our latest developments on PIV and LIF.

LaVision’s experts will be present at the upcoming International Symposium on Applications of Laser and Imaging Techniques in Lisbon. One hot topic will be our expanded Shake-the-Box algorithm with multi-pass capabilities. With the new algorithms it is possible to perform Forward-Backward tracking schemes as well as Variable Time-step Shake-the-Box strategies to achieve even better results. Furthermore, an uncertainty quantification methodology is now available within DaVis, which reports the uncertainties of position, velocity and acceleration of each single particle along the complete trajectory. To learn more about different Multi-pass Shake-the-Box strategies, don’t miss the following session: PTV Techniques I on Wednesday, July 13, 11:30 – 13:00.

Another opportunity to learn about LaVision's latest developments is the International Symposium on Combustion in Vancouver, Canada. At booth no. 207 our colleagues will present BOS technique for hydrogen imaging which enables direct gas flow visualization without seeding, sensitive to H2, He, CO2, CH4 and many other gases.

Looking forward to meeting you again in person during these events.



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