LaVision’s Adaptive PIV – a new technique for an automatic optimization of recording and processing parameters

Sunday, 12. September 2010

LaVision introduces Adaptive PIV
LaVision‘s new Adaptive PIV technology provides an automatic calculation of the optimal local interrogation window size and shape based on flow gradients (‘flow adaptivity’) and image quality (‘signal adaptivity’).This leads to a significant improvement in accuracy and spatial resolution, especially in regions of high flow gradients, e.g. close to walls. With this new software package, LaVision’s FlowMaster system determines the local seeding density, image contrast/ dynamic range and maximum displacement to provide a valuable feedback to the user during the experimental setup. The time separation between the two laser pulses is automatically optimized. LaVision‘s Adaptive PIV is available in DaVis 8 for standard planar 2D- and Stereo-PIV.



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