LaVision adds a new Tomo-PIV software package to its volumetric measurements techniques enabling analysis of images from volumetric PIV measurements using only 2 cameras

Monday, 8. October 2012

LaVision’s presents a cost effective entry to instantaneous volumetric PIV
Effect of Motion Tracking Enhancement on the reconstruction of vortex structures: MART reconstruction (left) is not enough to extract the true vortex structures from the laminar jet flow. Only with MTE (right), the vortex rings and their breakdown farther upstream become clearly visible.

LaVision’s new Tomo-PIV software package allows a cost effective entry to instantaneous volumetric PIV by combining the new reconstruction method Motion Tracking Enhancement (MTE)* together with the well proven Multiplicative Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (MART). This enables volumetric PIV experiments using only 2 cameras. Using the traditional 4 camera setup still results in higher spatial resolution and larger volume thicknesses can be examined, the new 2 camera approach however is a very good compromise between measurement accuracy and investment effort. Furthermore an easy upgrade of existing Stereo-PIV systems to 3D3C PIV measurements is possible with this new LaVision software package.

*Novara, Batenburg, Scarano,
Motion tracking-enhanced MART for
tomographic PIV,
Meas. Sci. Technol. 21 (2010)



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