University of Southampton successfully utilize their StrainMaster DIC systems for high strain rate testing of composite materials in their Damage Tolerance project

Saturday, 1. December 2012

Damage Tolerance project at University of Southampton (DamTol)
The use of DIC to monitor the strains in a pre-damaged composite specimen as the damage propagates under fatigue loading.
Already proud to have several long standing users of LaVision systems at The University of Southampton, UK, LaVision are further involved as Industrial Advisory group members on the ESPRC/DSTL Damage Tolerance Project which has been running for the past three years. The underlying motivation for this project is the need to fully understand the structural performance of polymer composite materials and structures in high-strain rate events. Composite materials are becoming extremely popular in land, sea and air vehicles in high performance applications due to the combination of structural performance and light weight. Within the project LaVision's StrainMaster Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system has been employed to measure deformation and strain in quasi-static, cyclic,and high strain rate testing. The outcome of the work will be a new approach to material and component assessment and therefore establish and underpin residual strength predictions. On the 22nd November the final dissemination event for the damtol project was held at the National Composites Centre (NCC) in Bristol, UK, where results were presented and discussed.
Further information is available here. LaVision would like to take the opportunity to thank The University of Southampton for inviting us to be on the Industrial Advisory board for this exciting and interesting project.



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