DaVis 8.1.5 released with Windows 8 compatibility, HighSpeed Hypersampling, even faster GPU processing, SLIPI support and a set of new cameras.

Monday, 1. July 2013

Many new features come with LaVision’s latest software version DaVis 8.1.5.
DaVis 8.1.5 Analysis License runs now also under Windows 8 including GPU Processing. For even faster PIV processing on GPUs the new NVIDIA driver is now supported. The professional Tesla card series runs as well as the cost effective GTX TITAN and the latest GTX 770.
New implemented cameras are the Imager LX 29M (CameraLink) and Imager LX 8M (GigE) for high resolution PIV while in HighSpeed Imaging the Phantom v1210 and Phantom Miro M120 allows time-resolved PIV at outstanding image quality.
The new Hypersampling feature for high speed recording is tailored to engine applications. where a wide variation of engine speeds during typical test cycles needs to be matched to a camera optimized constant recording speed. This feature allows you to record phenomena such as cold start from a completely stopped engine and maps the Highspeed movie back to engine’s crank angles.
A new SLIPI optics is implemented for improved image quality from sprays. The SLIPI technique removed image artifacts arising from multiple light scattering in dense sprays. The optics can be added as an upgrade to existing SprayMaster systems



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