LaVision will be exhibiting their systems for volumetric measurements, including Digital Volume Correlation, at the 2nd annual Tomography for scientific advancement (ToScA) symposium.

Friday, 15. August 2014

ToScA is taking place from September 1st - 3rd in the Natural History Museum in London
LaVision will be showing the power of the Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) software at ToScA, to be held at the Natural History Museum, London, 1-3 Sep 2014. DVC is a novel tool for quantifying full-field displacement and strains throughout material volumes having undergone deformation.

The technique is an extension of 2D digital image correlation and uses the conservation of gray-scale levels of 3D volumes obtained using a volume imaging technique such as X-ray CT, confocal microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. The material's natural or artificially introduced internal pattern is tracked between subsequent volumes allowing the investigator to obtain 3D full-volume displacement and strain maps to truly understand the subsurface material behaviour and validate complex simulations.

The ToScA meeting will address hard and soft tissue imaging, recent advances in hardware and software, and a broad range of applications in natural sciences. This international meeting will consist of keynote speakers, student poster presentations and an image competition. The meeting will provide opportunity for open discussions, networking with researchers and commercial industry as well as a platform to engage in collaborations. The meeting includes an optional drinks reception and a symposium dinner, hosted in the world renowned Central Hall in the Natural History Museum on the 2nd September.



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