New Spray Geometry Package presented on 13th ICLASS conference in Tainan

Tuesday, 18. August 2015

A complete redesign of the SprayMaster Geometry Software is released with DaVis 8.3 and will be presented on the 13th ICLASS conference in Tainan.
LaVision releases a complete overhaul of its SprayMaster Geometry software with DaVis 8.3. The new package will be introduced at the 13th ICLASS in Tainan (Taiwan) from August 24th to 27th, 2015. Besides a speed boost up to a factor of 30-50, the package presents the well-established functionality with a new optimized user interface. Spray calculation now takes part in real time, the graphical layout of data presentation can be widely configured, and export functionality is improved. The LaVision SprayMaster Geometry package measures values for axial and radial light sheet cuts, like spray angle at interpolated rim or at a fixed distance, bent angle, tip penetration, front angle, cone diameter, cone symmetry, centroid position, angular and radial profiles of spray density and more. Customers with an existing SprayMaster license under DaVis 8 can upgrade to this package free of charge.



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