LaVision presents its Glass-SFR inspex system at AutoSens in Detroit

Wednesday, 22. May 2024

Our colleagues are looking forward to your visit at booth no. 224.

Future ADAS camera systems and their lenses will be designed for longer distances of 60 m and more. Especially for the viewing area of the camera field in the windshield, the camera working ranges at a hyperfocal distance require new, extended test criteria. Testing the optical refractive power of glass windshields alone is not sufficient. Therefore, a qualitative optical analysis of the SFR (Spatial Frequency Response) or MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is required to evaluate the transmission optics or image quality.

LaVision’s Glass-SFR inspex system provides comprehensive measurements of optical glass quality for safe autonomous driving with ADAS camera systems. Optical transmission parameters like contrast reduction or optical power (diopter) at the ADAS camera area of the windshield can be carried out by image quality evaluation using innovative analysis techniques.

To find out more, visit AutoSens at Huntington Place, Detroit today.
Couldn't make it this year to AutoSens USA? Then we recommend you visit AutoSens Europe. This will take place from October 8-10, 2024 at the Palau de Congressos in Barcelona. You can also find more information about our Glass-SFR inspex system on our website.



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