Introducing LaVision’s EngineMaster inspex products for in-cylinder endoscopic imaging in real engines

Wednesday, 13. May 2015

EngineMaster inspex systems now available

For the optimization of near-production engines endoscopic imaging can be applied to visualize in-cylinder phenomena. Key-hole imaging using endoscopes is a minimally invasive technique to monitor real-time in-cylinder processes such as fuel spray injection, ignition, combustion and soot formation. In combination with standard pressure indication endoscopic imaging links engine performance and emissions with in-cylinder phenomena such as pre-ignition, wall wetting and particle generation.

The EngineMaster inspex product range has been designed to provide turnkey solutions for in-cylinder spray and combustion visualization. The systems include all necessary components: high resolution digital color cameras with imaging endoscope, endoscopic spray and background contour illumination, engine sealing inserts, synchronisation electronics and software for recording and visualization. Three different options are available providing different levels of performance up to fully crank angle resolved high speed imaging.

Please also refer to our EngineMaster inspex page.



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