Congratulations to Christian Disch from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology for his Best Paper Award at the JSAE conference in Kyoto

Tuesday, 15. September 2015

LaVision congratulates Dipl.-Ing. Christian Disch from the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) for receiving the Best Paper Award during the JSAE PFL conference in Kyoto.
The presented paper “Experimental Investigations of a DISI Engine in Transient Operation with Regard to Particle and Gaseous Engine-out Emissions” (SAE 2015-01-1990) shows results from in-cylinder measurements recorded with LaVision’s Internal Combustion Optical Sensor (ICOS) system. The Air-Fuel-ratio was recorded at outstanding time resolution to analyze consecutive cycles during a dynamic driving cycle.

Development of the local lambda value for the first 40 combustion cycles for different SOI timings.

The ICOS Fuel spark plug sensor measured the evolution of the local lambda value as a response of the ECU (engine control unit) behavior to a tip-in (fast driver’s load change request) at crank angle resolution. The transient air-fuel-ratio could clearly explain emissions arising from the dynamic driving cycle and attribute these to individual engine cycles and engine control settings.

Please find an abstract of this paper here



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