LaVision is presenting the latest innovations in its StrainMaster DIC and DVC products at the K show in Dusseldorf

Thursday, 13. October 2016

The team of LaVision is looking forward to your visit at its booth during the show from October 19th - 26th
Are traditional strain gauges and extensometers unsuitable for your plastic or composite material? Do you need a more efficient, non-contact method of measuring full-field strain data? If so, learn how your material testing and strain measurement can be optimized by visiting our booth at the K show in Dusseldorf.

LaVision’s StrainMaster products are ideally suited for making measurements at the surface of any sort of material experiencing some sort of loading. It is applicable for almost any kind of test (tension, compression, cyclic, impact, etc) and is used across many industries. The StrainMaster portable is an easy-to-use system, consisting of one or two cameras and a PC-based recording and evaluation software.

High-resolution algorithms for digital image correlation make even the smallest changes in the geometry of a solid visible and provide valuable information about the material behavior under load or the shrinkage behavior. All collected data can be exported as image files, plots or for further analysis in third-party applications, such as in finite element modeling programs, Matlab© or other format.

If this technique is of interest, then please visit LaVision GmbH at the K show Dusseldorf 2016 (booth 11B13 in hall 11).
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